Lice and your Pet

Lice are a wingless ectoparasite (a parasite that live outside the body) that are flat in appearance with six legs. Unlike fleas with their long back legs, lice cannot jump, also unlike fleas if your dog gets infected with lice, it cannot be transferred to yourself or your cat. Lice are host specific meaning they will live out their life cycle on one species type. The transmission of lice is by direct contact. This means coming in contact with the infected animal or even infected grooming supplies.

Steps to Remove a Tick

You have found a tick on your animal, now what? Here are a few simple steps to removing a tick from your pet:

1. Grab a small container and some tweezer (or handy tick pickers if you have some, which you can get at your veterinary clinic). You may actually want to hold onto the tick for awhile in case your pet starts to show signs of any tick borne dieases. We can send the tick away for such analysis.

Thank You - National Cupcake Day

On February 23, 2015 we hosted National Cupcake Day to support the SPCA and our local Humane Societies. We raised $392.45!! As promised we at the West Kootenay Animal Hospial would match all donations so we raised a total of $784.90! Thank you to everyone that donated and came to enjoy a tasty treat! We truly appreciate all the kindness that goes towards helping those that cannot help themselves!

Welcome Dr. April Hahn

The staff of west kootenayanimal hospital is pleased to announce the addition of Dr. April Hahn to our team

Dr. Hahn graduated from the Ontario Veterinary college in 2007 and brings a wealth of experience to our practice.

Our team is excited to be working with Dr. Hahn and looks forward to introducing her to all of our clients and patients.

A Sad Farewell to Dr. Leanne Sackney

To Our Clients and Friends,

Jerky Dog Treat Recall

Two retailers of chicken jerky dog treats in the States have voluntarily recalled several brands. This is after New York state agriculture officials said they may be contaminated with unapproved antibiotics.

Professional Pet Products

Does Scruffy need some boots for winter or does Fluffy need a new food dish? We can now order in some products and if you are interested come on in and look at the catalogue and we can order the items for you. The items may take up to 2 weeks to arrive upon order.

Information on Fleas

Fleas lead very complicated lives for such small pests and can be difficult to get rid of.  Adult fleas spend almost all their time on the pet.  Fleas need to eat frequently, as often as once every 5 minutes, and will not usually leave the host unless forced to by overcrowding or unpleasant conditions such as wetting or bathing.  Adult fleas feed, mate and begin laying eggs approximately 36 hours after hatching.

A Day at the Dentist: Veterinary Dentistry

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Diamond Pet Foods Recall

The Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) has sent out a pet food recall on Diamond Pet Foods, due to possible contamination with Salmonella.