Boomer Bartsoff


Boomer is a happy go lucky guy who came into West Kootenay Animal Hospital 6 weeks ago with some concerning symptoms.  He had gained 4.7 kg in 2 months, his coat was thin and brittle.  His normal bouncy personality was dull and lethargic and most concerning of all he had abnormal reflexes and his face was puffy, with a sad tragic expression.

Boomer was suffering from hypothyroidism, a common condition in dogs resulting from inadequate production of thyroxine from the thyroid gland.  Oral supplementation with levothyroxine has resulting in a big improvement in Boomers energy level and he is slowly getting back to his previous weight.  Boomers case was quite advanced at the time of diagnosis, but It is so rewarding to see Boomer come in to visit this month with a bounce back in his step and mischief in his eyes!