"Casey" Tremblay


Lumps, bumps and tumors in pets come in all sizes. Some are small, some are big and in Casey’s case, some are REALLY big!  Casey is a lovely black lab, who loves everyone and is loved by everyone.  She came into West Kootenay Animal Hospital because of changes in her appetite, laboured breathing and a bloated appearance.  A large abdominal tumor was diagnosed and Casey was scheduled for surgery.  At the time of surgery we found a 4 kg tumor growing off Casey’s spleen!  We were able to remove this large tumor and Casey made it through surgery with flying colors!  While we suspect the cancer will at some point return, we are all thrilled to see Casey back with her family, enjoying all the things that Labradors love.  Her family reports that she is doing great and they consider every day with Casey a special gift.