"Charlotte" Guy


After many years in any job, you may start to think you have “seen it all” and then in walks Charlotte. Over the years we have seen dogs consume many expected objects like bones, sticks, balls and string. As well as less common items like corn cobs, toy soldiers and even a set of false teeth but Charlotte was the first dog to walk through our door with a happy face coffee mug, firmly wedged over her lower jaw.

Charlotte was amazingly calm and patient with us as we first tried to figure out how she had managed this feat and second, why it couldn’t slip off her lower jaw as easily as it slipped on. A little sedation, a wire saw and soon Charlotte was as good as new. We were so glad to be able to help Charlotte out of her predicament and want to thank her for making us smile and reminding all of us at West Kootenay Animal Hospital, why we love what we do - you never know what is going to walk through the door!