Chloe Koopmans


Seven-year-old chihuahua Chloe never had any major health concerns, but her owners knew something was up when she didn't greet them at the door. Chloe was not very interested in food, and her gums looked a little pale. Chloe's blood work showed a low number of red blood cells (RBCs), and the fluid portion of her blood was yellow tinged. These are signs of immune medicated hemolytic anemia, or IMHA, and Chloe was started on some medications. Canine IMHA is when the body's immune system attacks its own RBCs as if they were forgeign. RBCs transport oxygen throughout the body and low numbers can lead to low oxygen. Chloe came back to have her blood rechecked the next day and since her numbers were not improving, a blood transfusion was required. Our own Dr. Emma's dog, Maddie, was our brave volunteer.


Blood was collected from Maddie into a blood collection bag and the slowly transfused into Chloe while watching for any reactions. The transfusion went smoothly and soon Chloe was doing much better! Her numbers began to gradually improve, she started feeling better, eating and putting on weight. Within a week she was acting more like her normal self. Chloe is so lucky her owner paid attention to these small signs. Chloe's disease is now being managed with medicaitons and she is doing very well at home. She credits her good pal Maddie for saving her life!