Coco Geysen


Coco is a 10 month old cat who went outside one morning and came home 3 hours later struggling to breathe.  She was hospitalized, treated for shock and stabilized.  X-rays taken over the first 24 hours revealed the development of Pneumothorax.  Pneumothorax is a condition often caused by trauma where air from the lungs or windpipe leaks into the chest cavity through a small tear.  It can also occur with penetrating wounds to the chest wall.  This prevents the lungs from being able to expand and fill properly and causes severe respiratory distress.  Coco had Thoracocentesis performed 3 times over the following 12 hours during which a total of 460 mls of air was removed from her chest cavity allowing the lungs to heal.  Coco is recovering well from her ordeal and will be staying indoors over the next few weeks while she continues to heal.