Colby Ius


Colby is a 1 year old Bichon Frise who first came into our hospital for his puppy vaccines. Upon examining him, Dr. April noticed that Colby’s lower jaw was quite a lot shorter than his upper jaw, causing his lower canine teeth to grow up into the roof of his mouth. This is called a malocclusion and it is a hereditary defect. Currently, there is no testing available for this trait in North America. Colby was referred to a veterinary dentist, Dr. Theresa Jacobson, for evaluation and treatment. Dr. Jacobson surgically extracted all of Colby’s lower incisors and canine teeth to prevent them from causing trauma to the roof of his mouth, and to allow room for his adult teeth to grow in. Once Colby’s adult incisors came through, it was evident they were causing the same problem. Once again Colby returned to Dr. Jacobson for more extractions. A third procedure was done to remove Colby’s adult canine teeth when they erupted about a month later, since they were rotated inward and causing trauma to his mouth. A bone graft was also done to stabilize Colby’s jaw after all of the extractions. We are happy to say that after three separate procedures, Colby finally has a comfortable mouth and will live a happy life, pain free!