Diesel and Zeus


Obesity in Canadian pets is a common problem and has serious health consequences.  Intervertebral disc disease, arthritis, ligament injuries, hypertension and diabetes are some medical conditions obese pets are at increased risk of developing.  This month we are excited to share the weight loss journey of two special pets.

Diesel is a 14 year old cat who has been battling weight issues for many years.  While he is just starting his journey, we are hoping the dedication of his owner and Hills Metabolic diet will help him reach his goal.  Obese cats are at increased risk for diabetes as well as lower urinary tract syndrome and liver disease.  Cats present a bigger challenge when it comes to weight loss as it can be hard to encourage exercise and increase their activity level.  Veterinary prescription diets and regular weigh ins with one of our veterinary technicians can help pet owners stay on track.  We are all cheering for you Diesel!

Zeus is a 9 year old mixed breed dog with arthritis who has lost 3.9 kg (8.6 lbs) while on Hills Mobility Joint diets.  While this may not sound like a large amount of weight, for Zeus, 3.9 kg is equivalent to 11 % of his body weight or the same as a 160 lb person losing 17.5 lbs!  Losing weight and being on a diet designed to help manage inflammation and joint pain has made a big difference for Zeus.  It will also help reduce the amount of medication he needs to manage his arthritis in during his senior years.  Way to go Zeus!