Dooley Brown - Laycock


Dooley is an Australian Shepherd cross puppy who was adopted from the Nelson SPCA. Given her gentle and sweet disposition she quickly won over her new family and has become a much loved member of their family.  Like many puppies, Dooley is always underfoot, so much so that in early January Dooley was accidentally stepped on!  X-rays quickly confirmed a fracture in her metatarsal bones on the right hind leg.  Our new digital X-ray system was able to detect two smaller hairline fractures that were less obvious with traditional X-ray films.  Dooley paw was placed in a splint for 4 weeks and her activity was restricted during the healing period (not easy in a playful, active puppy!).  Dooley’s owners did a great job of caring for her splint and in 4 weeks a second set of X-rays showed perfect healing of her fractures.  She is now enjoying all sorts of active adventures with her new forever family.