"Harley" Ius


This month we are featuring Harley as our patient of the month because of his beautiful Smile.  Really we should feature Harley’s owner, Cindy, as our client of the month because of the wonderful job she has done in reversing Harley’s periodontal disease.

In 2011 Harley had to have several teeth extracted because of advanced periodontal disease.  Once the diseased teeth were removed and Harley’s gums had healed, his owner started brushing his teeth twice a day.  Introducing tooth brushing to an adult dog is not always easy.   However, if owners go slowly, make it enjoyable and reward their dogs cooperation most dogs will grow to tolerate or even enjoy having their teeth brushed!

Harley is a real success story.  His periodontal disease is now under control, his smelly breath is gone and most importantly the health risks associated with chronic dental infections have been eliminated.  Way to go Cindy and Harley!