Kia Dilling


Just like people, pets need regular dental care to keep their teeth healthy.  During your pets annual physical exam the doctor will also do a dental exam.  It was during Kia's yearly check up that a chip in one of the large upper 4th premolars was discovered.  Dental x-rays determined that two of the three roots on this tooth were abscessed and the decision to extract the tooth was made.  Broken and chipped teeth are very common in dogs and are often caused by chewing hard objects like rocks, bones and hard plastic chew toys.  If the pulp cavity of the tooth is exposed it causes pain and sensitivity.  In many cases dogs continue to eat and act normally making symptoms of dental pain difficult to detect for the pet owner.  If the broken tooth is discovered early, before it becomes infected, a root canal can sometimes be done to save the tooth.  If left untreated, broken teeth can eventually abscess and result in more serious complications such as fistulas and sinus infections, not to mention chronic pain for the pet.  Kia's dental extraction went very well and despite having this large molar removed she will soon be able to eat and chew dry food without problems.