Lola Vandermeer


Lola is a very sweet 10-year-old Yorkie who has struggled with skin issues for a long time. Some of Lola's symptoms were itchiness, hair loss and abnormal skin. Her belly became bald and darkly pigmented and her ears became red and irritated. Sometimes Lola would even experience vomiting and diarrhea on bad days. After trying some different anti-fungal medications, antibiotics, steroids and medicated baths without much change, Lola was referred to veterinary dermatologist Dr. Kinga Gortel.


Dr. Gortel was suspicious of an underlying food allergy. Her plan for Lola was to introduce a hypoallergenic diet, as well as, an injection of a new medication called Cytopoint. Cytopoint is a safe and effective treatment for chronic itch due to atopic or allergic dermatitis. It is specifically designed to target a protien that sends signals to your dog's brain to trigger scratching, licking and chewing. Cytopoint neutralizes this protein to stop the trigger itch, therefore, stopping the scratching and allowing the affected skin to heal. Relief from itching typically occurs within one day of the injection and will last 4-8 weeks! Since it is a biological drug (a protein, not chemical), it is safe to use on allergic dogs of any age, regardless of what other medications they are on. There are no side effects to speak of.


Since allergic and atopic dermatitis cannot be cured, the goal is to effectively control the symptoms. Cytopoint has been a wonderful resource for veterinarians to stop the itch in allergic patients. We are also able to reduce the amount of medications prescribed for patients who have been treated with Cytopoint. If your dog struggles with chronic itchiness, ask your veterinarian abour Cytopoint!