"Molly" Siddall


Molly is a 3-year-old mischievous Cairn Terrier. She had escaped one day and must have had a pretty good adventure, for when her owner finally found Molly, she noticed Molly was walking funny and kept licking at her paws. It was then discovered that Molly must have ran through something and she had tar all over her feet. It was so bad that Molly’s toes and pads were so stuck together, it almost looked like hooves. Her owner tried to bath her to soften the tar, but no luck.

So Molly came to us and we tried to shave the tar out, which was another failed attempt. Our visiting doctor, Dr. Alex Hare then did some research and found that mineral oil and dish soap should soften the tar (mineral oil and dawn dish soap is what they use when washing animals that have been in oil spills).

After a couple coats of mineral oil the tar started to soften up, which then the bits of tar were carefully peeled away from Molly’s pads and in-between her toes. It was a very messy and a long process but the results were amazing. Once all the tar was removed we bathed her feet with dish soap and soon enough her feet were back to normal and she was once again her bouncy happy self!