'Newt' Durkin


Anyone who has ever suffered from a slipped disc will be able to relate to Newt’s story. Newt is an eight year old Yorkshire Terrier with a sweet disposition who became suddenly ill over a weekend. Newts’ symptoms were rapid in onset and involved a number of neurologic signs. He was disoriented, uncoordinated, weak and had several seizure like episodes. On examination Newt had symptoms of both spinal cord disease and central nervous system disease. We suspected meningitis, a condition that can occur in Yorkshire Terriers. Newt was transported to Washington State University for a consult with a neurologist. Newt had an MRI as well as blood test and a CSF tap to determine that he did indeed have meningitis but was also suffering from a slipped disc in his cervical spine (neck area). He was stabilized and then underwent spinal surgery to relieve the pressure around his prolapsed disc. We are happy to report that despite the serious diagnosis, Newt has undergone a full recovery and is back home with his family and partners in crime; Chianti, Cola & Ginger!