Ollie Wiens



When it comes to cute, Ollie wins without question, especially now that we have resolved her skin issues and treated her for demodectic mange.  Ollie is a fun loving Boston Terrier who presented with patchy hair loss and small pimple like lesions on her face.  Skin scrapings and analysis in hospital, revealed large numbers of demodex mites.  Demodex is a type of mite that is quite common in young dogs with immmature immune systems.  It can cause mild to severe hair loss, secondary skin infections and skin irritation.  While it is not contagious to people or other dogs, cases of generalized demodex require treatment by your veterinary team.  In Ollie's case,  a new flea and tick preventative Nexgard, was very effective and as you can see, she is now as beautiful as ever!