"Ottis" Mears


Obesity is a common problem in our North American pets. Approximately 40% of cats are overweight or obese and indoor cats tend to be particularly prone. Overfeeding, inactivity and genetics all play a role in this increasingly common health concern in pets.

Ottis is a 9-year-old neutered male cat that has been a “big boy” most of his adult life. In the past various “lite” diets had been tried unsuccessfully to help Ottis lose weight. In October 2008, Ottis was started on Hills r/d diet, a prescription food for obesity. His calorie intake was carefully measured and he was weighed once a month to chart his progress. Ottis has gone from a starting weight of 10.4kg (22.88lb) to a current weight of 7.69kg (16.9lb) for a totally weight loss of 5.98lbs! Ottis’ goal weight is 6.5kg (14.3lb). Losing weight will help reduce Ottis’ risk of obesity related diseases such a diabetes and joint disease as he approaches his senior years.