Padfoot Stringer


This winter Padfoot, a healthy 3 ½ year old Terrier/Maltese dog became painful on his right hind paw after playing. Initial x-rays appeared normal and a ligament injury was suspected. However, Padfoot did not recover and continued to favor his right hind paw. One of his middle toes was swollen and painful. Further x-rays showed evidence of lysis of the toe bones indicating a tumor of the pad. Padfoot underwent amputation of one toe and a diagnosis of squamous cell carcinoma of the toe was confirmed. Squamous cell carcinoma of the toes can occur in any age dog and can be difficult to diagnose without biopsies. Fortunately, surgical removal of the affected toe carries a very good prognosis for a cure. The risk of cancer spread is low with this type of tumor and Padfoot is doing great on three hind toes instead of 4!