During the month of April, Dr. Rob Klemmensen volunteered with the Canadian Animal Assistance Team (CAAT) and the Maun Animal Welfare Society (MAWS) in Botswana Africa. We decided it would be fun to feature one of the amazing dogs Dr. Rob met during his time in Botswana as our patient of the month for May.

Punch is typical in appearance of many dogs in Botswana, an ancient breed known as Africanis. These dogs are used for hunting, guarding herds and companionship. Adapted for the warm, dry climate they remind us of our North American Greyhound breeds.

Punch came to the clinic in Maun with a severely infected right front leg. The infection was believed to have been caused by a snake bite and unfortunately saving the limb was not an option by the time Punch was examined.

In order to receive treatment, all dog owners must agree to sterilize their pet, in an effort to reduce pet overpopulation. Punch’s owner was initially reluctant to have his dog neutered but eventually agreed. He was so amazed at how quickly Punch recovered from surgery and how happy he was once the painful limb was removed, that he became one of the biggest advocates in the community for what CAAT and MAWS was doing.

He was so grateful for the care Punch received, that he would arrive at the clinic each day to watch Dr. Rob work and bring in more pets for sterilization from the surrounding community!