"Purdy" Raugust


Purdy arrived at West Kootenay Animal Hospital as a very sick kitten.  24 hours prior to becoming ill, Purdy had been treated for fleas with Hartz UltraGuard topical flea product.  Cats are very sensitive to the pyrethrin family of pesticides.  While these products are designed to kill insects, such as fleas they can also cause salivation, severe muscle trembling, weakness, seizures and even death in pets.  While over the counter products, such as Hartz , are designed to look similar to Advantage or Revolution, their safety and effectiveness are very different.  Purdy was surrendered to West Kootenay Animal Hospital for treatment and was immediately bathed, started on intravenous fluids and medication to control her seizures.  Given the severity of her reaction to the Hartz product, we were unsure if she would survive.  However Purdy made it through the night and over the next few days made a full recovery.  She was adopted by Caitlin, one of our technicians and is now a happy, loving companion to Caitlin's other cat, Omar.