Redgie Lodder


Redgie is a 2 year old Bernese Mountain Dog who came in to see us when his owner noticed he was shaking his head a lot.  This is a common sign of ear issues in our canine companions and Redgie's owner was sure she saw a piece of spear grass in one of his ears.

Spear grass is a common term used for grasses with sharp, hard seeds, often with hooks, that can cling to fur and can become embedded into skin and end up in eyes, ears, noses and even migrate through tissue deep into the body.  Each time your pet comes in from being outside, they should be given a quick rub down with a grooming brush to check for things like spear grass or ticks.

Redgie's painful ears required sedation to allow examination.  Once Dr. Elaine could see into the ear canals, she found and removed 2 pieces of spear grass from the right ear and 3 pieces from the left ear.  After the spear grass was removed, it became apparent that the left ear drum had been torn by the spear grass.  Ear drums are able to heal as long as the ear is kept clean and no other foreign material is allowed to enter. 

Redgie developed an infection in his right ear following the spear grass removal. He was sent home with antibiotics and pain medication to keep him comfortable and treat the infection.  He has been back for several recheck visits to monitor his progress and we are happy to report that on Redgie's most recent visit his ear drum has healed and he is fully recovered.  We're so happy we were able to help Redgie feel better and get him back to the outdoors that he loves!