"Reznor" Earthy


Reznor is a very special dog. He is a 7-year-old Leonburger with a loving and gentle nature. Reznor came to the Animal Hospital in January 2010 after eating bird suet and becoming lethargic and refusing food. He was placed in the hospital on intravenous fluids and antibiotics but his condition continued to deteriorate rapidly. Reznor developed a severe arrhythmia (abnormal heart rhythm) and grossly enlarged heart on chest x-rays. He was rushed to Washington State University (WSU) for a cardiac ultrasound and was admitted to their I.C.U. The specialists at WSU diagnosed a pericardial effusion caused by a tumour growing on the heart. The bird suet had nothing to do with his illness. The fluid building up around Reznor’s heart was preventing his heart from working properly and was responsible for dramatic symptoms and his rapid deterioration. Surgery was done to create a permanent “window” in the pericardial sac so the fluid would not put pressure on the heart. In addition Reznor has gone through several courses of chemotherapy to slow the tumour growth. He has amazed everyone with his strength and good nature. Throughout his ordeal, our hope is that Reznor will have a long remission and the treatment will help reduce his symptoms so his family can continue to enjoy his loving nature for as long as possible.