Rocket McCuaig

A fine example of why pet insurance is an
excellent idea!
Rocket is a 7 year old mixed breed dog whose owner brought her in
when she started acting strangely at home. She was wheezing,
lethargic, unsteady, and her head was tilting to one side. Rocket’s
bloodwork and x-rays all looked normal, yet she continued to
deteriorate. She was referred to Washington State University for
further testing, including an MRI and analysis of her cerebrospinal
fluid. Specialists at WSU suspected an autoimmune disease called
Meningoencephalitis of Unknown Origin (MUE). MUE is an abnormal
immune response directed against the dog’s own body tissues,
causing neurologic signs and abnormal behavior. Rocket was started
on several medications including immunosuppressive drugs,
antifungal medications, steroids and antibiotics. She also receives
periodic chemotherapy for its immunosuppressive properties, and
continues to this day. Her symptoms subsided and she has been
doing very well for over a year now!
As you can imagine, all of the testing, referrals and treatments added up to a pretty
significant veterinary bill. Lucky for Rocket, her owners had invested in pet insurance!
Trupanion covered 90% of the cost of Rocket’s diagnostic tests and treatments.
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