"Roxtar" Walter


Congenital disorders are conditions that exist at birth or develop during the first months of life. Some congenital conditions like cleft palates or hernias are obvious on a puppy’s first visit to the vet. Others are not visible and can be more difficult to diagnose.

Roxtar is a lovely Miniature Schnauzer who was recently diagnosed with a Portosystemic Shunt (PSS). A PSS is an abnormal vein which allows blood from the intestinal tract to bypass the liver and enter directly into the general circulation.

Symptoms of a PSS can be subtle or severe and include poor appetite, poor growth, lethargy, encephalopathy (brain disease, damage or malfunction) and even seizures.

Roxtar’s shunt was repaired by the specialist team at CanWest Veterinary Specialists in Vancouver and so far she is recovering from surgery with flying colours. She is lucky to have such a committed owner and access to specialists who can perform this difficult surgery.