Rufus Prokopetz and Blue Ralph


This month we are featuring two special pets – Rufus & Blue.  Rufus is a 6 year old small breed dog and Blue is a 2 year old Sphynx cat.  Both Rufus and Blue came to the clinic this month with foreign material obstructing their digestive tracts.  In Rufus’ case, surgery was required to remove a large piece of rubber ball that he had accidentally swallowed!  Blue’s obstruction was a little more interesting, as he had eaten a variety of objects including: a Barbie shoe, a piece of Lego and a huge amount of foam packing material!  In Blue’s case intravenous fluids, repeat enemas and induced vomiting allowed us to safely remove all the foreign materials and avoid surgery.  Both Rufus and Blue have fully recovered from their adventures in culinary diversity!