'Snickers' Caputo


In February 2013 Snickers came to the hospital to examine a lump in her heck which had developed suddenly. After much testing it was determined that Snickers has lymphosarcoma. Lymphosarcoma or lymphoma is a form of lymph node cancer common in both human and pets.

Snickers was started on a chemotherapy protocol including an oral medication and intravenous drug, both of which are given every third week.

Unfortunately cancer is common in pets. Different types of cancer have different treatments as well as expected outcomes. The goal is always to induce a remission while maintain a good quality of life for the pet.

It has been 7 months since Snickers was diagnosed and she is doing great! The cancer is currently in remission and Snicks has had no side effects from the chemotherapy. Best of all, Snickers has gotten used to coming to the vet and is less anxious now when she comes to see us.