'Wallace" Hayes


Wallace is certainly a testament to how resilient our pets can be when faced with illness and injury!   Wallace came to his present owner Helen with a number of injuries from a previous car accident, including an oronasal fistula (a hole between the mouth and the sinus cavity, in Wallace’s case from mouth trauma).  Surgery had only partially closed the hole, so he was prone to sinus infections.

 Although Wallace is a happy dog, he really dislikes having his mouth examined, so we were never able to get a good look.   Helen became concerned about Wallace’s persistent bad breath, so we sedated him to check it out.  What we found was a bit of a surprise.  He still had a large hole between his sinus and his mouth.  However the source of his smelly breath was not a sinus infection, rather it was coming from a number of infected and abscessed teeth!  Other than the bad breath, Wallace never really showed symptoms of having a sore mouth.  He ate enthusiastically, greeted all he encountered with a tail wag and loved getting out for walks.

 We took dental x-rays of any suspicious teeth and removed those that were loose or infected.  Sanaya, our registered veterinary technician, then cleaned and polished the rest.  Finally, we were able to repair the hole between Wallace’s mouth and sinus cavity.  Helen reports that Wallace has a new spring in his step, and his breath is fantastic!