Zero O'Brien


This month, Zero reminded us all of the importance of keeping holiday treats  safely out of reach of curious pets.  Zero is a 3 kg Chihuahua who enjoyed a dark chocolate orange with the help of the 3 cats who live with him.  One of the cats knocked the chocolate orange to the floor, allowing Zero to enjoy a dangerous treat. Luckily Zero’s owners returned home shortly after he ingested the chocolate and he was rushed in to the animal hospital.  Dark chocolate is especially dangerous for dogs as it contains higher quantities of theobromine, which can be fatal, in high enough doses.  Zero was forced to vomit in order to remove as much chocolate as possible from his system.  He was given repeated doses of activated charcoal to bind the chocolate remaining in his digestive tract and started on intravenous fluids for support.  We are happy to say he has completely recovered and will be home with his family to enjoy the holiday season - chocolate free please!