Zuzu Prokopetz


Zuzu, a 13-year-old dachshund mix, was out for a walk one day when she suddenly collapsed. Her owner had noticed she was slowing down a bit over the past week. During her exam with the veterinarian, a large tick was found on her neck. It was very engorged and had likely been there for several days. Some species of ticks transmit a neurotoxin through their saliva to their host which causes a progressive paralysis. Owners will notice a gradual onset of weakness over several days and eventually hind limb paralysis. Treatment is simple - remove the tick! Symptoms usually start resolving within a few hours of removal and most dogs completely recover in about 3 days. Tick prevention can be simple with prescription products, just ask your veterinarian. It's also important to do a good check-over of your dog after being exposed to long grass or bushy areas. Zuzu started feeling better soon after her tick was removed and is completely back to normal!