‘Elmo’ Ramsey

On August 2, 2012, Elmo passed on peacefully, gently and gracefully at home in Rossland. He was 15 years and 3 months old.

Elmo changed my life irrevocably when he entered it, and again when he left.

When life challenged me over these last 15 years, Elmo made my world better by being the best part of the day.

On the wonderful days we shared, and there were so many, he made everything brighter, lighter and simply shared his joy at being with me, until I felt joyful too.

Elmo loved the snow, and sleeping on and in the bed. He adored carrots, cooked or raw. Squeaky toys really were his favorites. He accepted innumerable changes in his life as long as he could be with his people. He guarded me fiercely, and loyally, to the end of his days.

Elmo leaves behind a distraught and grieving Mom, a very sad Dad, who is still not sure how a 95 lb. dog wiggled into the heart of a cat person, and a bewildered cat, who wants to know where his dinner announcer has gone.

Elmo the Shmell-Mo, always my boy, always loved, and forever missed.

Special and grateful thanks to the vets who helped make Mo's life happy, healthy and long. Drs. Rob and Elaine Klemmensen, Dr. Malcolm Macartney, and Dr. Fred Cotie

‘Elmo’ Ramsey

Deceased: Thu, 2012-08-02