The Cost of Pet Care

Not long ago, medical treatments such as joint replacement, chemotherapy, root canals and MRI were reserved for human patients. Fortunately for our pets, that is no longer the case. Today, advanced diagnostic tools and treatments are available for our animal companions. Many common illness in pets are treatable but fees for diagnostics and treatments can range from $100 to several thousand dollars. Pet owners need to consider the options available to pay for their petʼs care in the event of a serious illness or injury.

Personal Savings

Many clients will choose to pay for their pets medical care with personal savings. This is a good option for small bills and routine visits. It is also good for people who manage their personal finances carefully and are diligent about paying their line of credit or credit card bills monthly. Some people will open a separate savings account and transfer a set amount into this account every month. In this way they will build up an emergency pet care fund should it ever be needed. In order for this to be successful you must be disciplined enough to only use this money for pet care.

Pet Health Care Card

Medicard is a Canadian financing company that will issue a “pet credit card” for clients with a good credit rating. This card can only be used at a veterinary clinic for pet care. Interest rates are based on your credit rating and often the limits are quite low. This can be useful for clients who do not otherwise have a credit card or want to have a source of financing readily available in the case of a pet emergency. Talk to us about how to apply for a Medicard pet care card.

Pet Card iFinance : 1-888-689-9876

Pet Insurance

Pet Insurance is becoming more popular in Canada with plans available to suit every pet ownerʼs needs. Pet Insurance can give you piece of mind in the event your pet is ill or has an accident. It can also help reduce the financial stress of providing necessary medical attention to your pet in the event of an emergency. Pet Insurance can be purchased for any age of pet, however starting a policy when your puppy is young and healthy often results in the best premiums and most complete coverage. Currently there are three main companies providing pet insurance in Canada. Each company has different coverage, deductibles and cost. Take time to review what each company offers before making a decision. While this may seem like work now, it is well worth the time to ensure you have a plan that works for you and allows you give your new companion the best care possible

Trupanion Insurance: 1-855-264-8929

Petsecure: 1-800-268-1169

Petplan: 1-866-467-3875

24PetWatch: 1-866-597-2424

PetsPlusUs: 1-866-382-9656

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