Introducing Our New In-House Lab

We have recently purchased a new in-house lab for running our blood work. We strive to get the best and most accurate results we can. The new lab equipment provides us with fast, same day results for tests such as pre-anesthetic screens before surgery, NSAID panels for animals on arthritis medication, thyroud testing withe the in house T4 test, diagnostic panels for sick animnals, and the list of possibilities goes on and on. The blood panels include a number of tests such as a CBC or complete blood count, which looks at red and white blood cells, and platelets, blood chemistry such as liver and kidney enzymes, blood sugar, protein and electrolytes. The new in-house lab also includes a new urinalysis machine and a coagulation analyzer to detect blood clotting disorders.

In addition the lab can communicate with out veterinary software and will import test results directly into our computer.

We are excited about out new laboratory equipment as it is another tool to improve patient care and efficiency in our hospital.