Little Oasis Equine Assisted Learning

Little Oasis Equine Assisted Learning is a non-profit organization serving the West Kootenay communities. The mission is to financially assist local at-risk youth to attend Equine assisted modalities such as those offered by Little Oasis Equine Matter, with their Equine Assisted Learning programs. These programs are designed to provide activities that help youth develop social skills - for example communication, leadership, team work, negotiation, etc. This building block, experiential learning program allows the facilitators and horses to guide youth in a fun, non-judgmental way.

West Kootenay Animal Hospital has contributed to this program yearly and in 2018 sponsors contributed to providing access to 30 local youth to participate in Equine Assisted programs offered by Little Oasis Equine Matters, in their Trail and Nelson locations.

Every dollar sponsored goes directly to the kids and Little Oasis is always grateful for any sponsorship or donation amount received. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor or donating for an upcoming program, please contact them at their Facebook page link below. Also, you can visit their website, choose a program or choose to support the equine teachers at