Pet Dental Health Month

February is National Pet Dental Health Month.  At West Kootenay Animal Hospital we believe the dental health of our patients is a year round concern.  The doctors preform an oral exam at every annual exam to assess the health of your pets teeth and gums.  The American Veterinary Dental Society estimates that 80% of dogs and 70% of cats show signs of oral disease by age 3!  Dental disease can have major impacts on the overall health and comfort of your pet and regular dental care is just as important as good nutrition, regular check ups and exercise for your pet.  Ch

New Surgical Monitor at WKAH

In January we recieved our new multiparameter surgical monitor.  The new monitor allows us to monitor a number of parameters and trends during anesthesia and alert us to patient problems quickly.  The new monitor measures patient blood pressure, heart rate, ECG, respiratory rate, blood oxygen levels, expired CO2 levels and capnography.  Anesthesia safety has always been a top priority for our patients and our new monitor is another tool that helps us achieve this goal and provide the highest standard of care to our patients.