Pet Loss Support

The Truest Friend

A dog is a comfort,
and ally in a sometimes unfriendly world.
A dog is a welcoming committee
that lets you know your home, all right!
A dog is the certainty that home
is where you most want to be.
A dog is a chance to express yourself
without the fear of seeming foolish,
a chance to share emotions that others
of our kind too often repel – tenderness, outright joy, love.
A dog hears your secret needs and sympathizes
or artfully distracts you from your woes.
A dog defeats loneliness, defies unhappiness
and teaches hard humans the virtue of play.
A dog gives you the feeling, however untrue,
that you’re worth his affection.
A dog holds to values this world has forgotten –
duty, loyalty, respect.
A dog will obey you, bestowing upon a master power
one’s own children come to challenge

Most of all, especially in times like these,

a dog is the truest and most reliable friend.

At West Kootenay Animal Hospital, we understand the special bond between people and their animal companions. Pets give us so much and ask for so little in return. As doctors and veterinary staff, we, too, have pets we love dearly, and we, too, have lost pets. We understand the terrible loss when our clients are faced with the decision to euthanize a pet or when a pet suddenly dies. Everyone deals with the loss of a pet in different ways, and we want to be able to support our clients during this time.

Surround yourself with people who understand and accept what your pet meant to you, and allow yourself to grieve, recognize and eventually celebrate the memory of your special companion. Below is a list of websites and articles that may help you and your family during this difficult time.